Small changes can make a bid difference! - our top ten marketing tips

10 helpful tips to help you to review your marketing strategy

  • Marketing is everything - do you have the basics right? Ensure your employees answer the phone/speak face to face with customers with courtesy and are customer centric. Without them there’s no business.
  • Marketing strategy/plan - have you looked at who you are selling to and what, sometimes the business shifts and you find yourself being lead astray from your business vision and target markets. Re-set the focus for the New Year.
  • Social Media - if time is limited, choose one platform that suits your business and be there regularly. This is better than being stretched across many platforms and failing to build up good relationships.
  • Branding - ensure all of your customer facing materials look the same and that your USP/values are captured within. Different iterations of your logo/straplines confuses customers; thinking you could be differing companies and gives the impression you are unsure of your vision.
  • Set & Measure - set objectives - if it's email marketing how many opens and click throughs do you want to achieve? Set a measure for success and monitor it.
  • Keep the faith - If you feel your product/service has a particular value, don’t discount or give it away for free. You will attract the wrong type of customer - who in turn will recommend you to other negative customers.
  • Keep marketing data - Invest in a good CRM software (Customer Relationship Management). Keeping records of your current & prospect customers as well as sales, conversions and duration will prove invaluable for marketing planning.
  • Build up good suppliers - reliable suppliers, whom you can call upon at a moments notice and provide great quality are imperative. They assist with building your brand reputation with your customer. Your customer won’t care if your supplier has let you down.
  • Say thanks - treat your top customers to a social outing or send them a hand wrapped, well thought out present.

  • Marketing Audit- Always look at what's been successful, seeing if there’s a way to improve further and take a risk now and then on innovative approaches to selling.