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Welcome to the iDM Design eBulletin.
Here at iDM Design, we know all too well what it’s like to be bombarded by the same repetitive, useless and uninformative e-bosh fifty times a week... delete, delete, delete.

That’s why we are going to start regularly sending you something different, containing little nuggets of interesting marketing tips, design developments, trends, offers and opinions. In fact, over the next few months, we will be sending you an assortment of interesting things to help you get more customers, increase your turnover, attract more visitors to your website and even keep the customers you’ve worked so hard to get.

Please do let us have your thoughts and opinions about this communication and any of the articles - the most important thing is that you find it useful. In the meantime if you want to improve the results of your marketing activity or need help with a design or branding project please get in touch.

Introducing SEND+PLUS: e-asily improve the results from your e-marketing!
Introducing SEND+PLUS
There are many tips and tricks to achieving great results from email marketing campaigns and probably too many to list here. But, some of the key things to consider is that your campaign is:

• Well designed
• Easy to send and manage
• Has clear and accurate reporting tools

We have always been able to take care of the design for our clients but our new SEND+PLUS system simply handles the rest.

Never before has it been this easy to create, send, manage and analyse your email marketing campaigns. SEND+PLUS from iDM Design is a new cost effective concept offering as much or as little control over your campaigns and individual eshots as you like.

Click here to find out more or alternatively email Richard Astbury to discuss the advantages of using SEND+PLUS and arrange a free demonstration.

Summer is here... don’t let your marketing go on holiday too! iDM Design marketing
So the holiday period is upon us and everyone begins to swap their desks for sun beds in sunnier climes. Inevitably there is a lull in business activity. This doesn’t mean you should reduce your sales and marketing activity, you should in fact be increasing it to ensure you connect with the few people still working hard.

You can be pretty sure that your competitors are also taking their foot off the gas as it can seem like a fruitless exercise with many potential customers on holiday or switching on their ’out of office’ responses.

So things are quieter, your competitors are slowing down so you now have more time and more opportunity to push existing marketing strategies or develop new ones.

The first step is to read these basic top 10 marketing tips and refresh your marketing plans. We can help with the planning, the strategy or simply putting your well-thought plans into action.

Contact us and we promise that we won’t all be on holiday but will ready with some good design, strategy and campaign ideas!

Styling You comes to iDM for design inspiration
Styling You website on an iPad
Styling You is a Personal Style and Image Consultancy offering professional advice on how to look and feel fabulous.

Founder Libby Walton chose iDM Design to create their branding, website and marketing collateral. Click on the link below to take a look around the site...


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