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the law of cookies the law of cookies
the law of cookies the law of cookies

Introducing SEND+PLUS: e-asily improve the results from your e-marketing!
Introducing SEND+PLUS
Following on from last month’s snippet on Facebook advertising we thought it might be worth mentioning another route for your online marketing strategy.

Many millions of professionals here in the UK and around the world are using LinkedIn to grow their professional networks and therefore develop more business opportunities. You may be one of them, and if so, have you noticed the use of targeted advertising?

Whether you are a member of the biggest business focused social network or not there is great potential for you to utilise LinkedIn’s targeted advertising service. It is currently being used less than Faceook by businesses (and probably not by your competitors) as a source of online advertising and that can give your business an advantage.

It works in a very similar way to Facebook and Google. It allows you to target your audience by industry, seniority, location, job, age or gender. It is also more cost effective than Facebook and Google but you may have to get in there quick before the costs start to rise as it’s popularity increases.

If you would like any more information on LinkedIn advertising or any other online services please give us a call on 01902 406410 or email richard@idmdesign.co.uk.

Introducing SEND+PLUS: e-asily improve the results from your e-marketing!
Hot off the press... iDM can design, develop and maintain your website!

Well it’s not quite breaking news as we have been creating glorious websites for over 5 years now. Whether it’s a stylishly simple site to show the world what you do, or a complex fully-interactive e-commerce site, we can, and have been delivering the goods.

You may need a refresh to your existing website, or you could be considering a total rebuild - either way we can advise the best option for your business plans and budget. We’ll then team up our enthusiastic and talented design team with our level-headed technical experts and create something that works well and is a great tool for your business.

Not every great site has to be complex, have lots of moving parts or be expensive. So please do contact Richard and he’ll be delighted to offer some advice on the best course of action for your website. This might even be... leave it as it is - it looks great!

Click on the logos below to see some of the sites we have developed:

Introducing SEND+PLUS
Do you want to start eMarketing or find a better way to manage and control your existing email marketing campaigns?

SEND+PLUS, our new online system has been developed to allow you to easily create, send, manage and analyse your emarketing campaigns. It is a cost effective and simple solution that offers our clients as much or as little control as they want.

If you haven’t tried email marketing then this might be a great opportunity to dip your toe in the water and reap the benefits of this cost effective marketing method.

So, what is this offer that’s too good to be true? It’s a simple one to try and entice you to try our new SEND+PLUS system - we’re that confident it will work for you...

Simply sign-up for a 3 month trial of SEND+PLUS and we will design, send and manage your first eShot for free*. But don’t worry - there’s no tie-in and you can cancel your subscription at any time, without penalty.

If you would like to find out more about this offer and the costs involved then give Richard a call on 01902 406410 or email richard@idmdesign.co.uk.

More information on SEND+PLUS can be found at www.idmdesign.co.uk/sendplus

* Terms and conditions apply and are available on sign-up or on request.
Introducing SEND+PLUS: e-asily improve the results from your e-marketing!
Introducing SEND+PLUS
We have recently discovered America is indeed the land of opportunity as we landed our first truly international client from across the Atlantic.

All About Learning contacted iDM after a referral from a long standing contact to ask us to put together a proposal for their new website. After awarding the project to iDM it was completed within 8 weeks from initial design and planning through to final testing and launch.

So what can we learn from this case study:
  • Modern technology means distance really is no object
  • It’s wise to maintain and build good networks to ensure you maximise referrals
  • Good design and project management travels well - just like a good beer!
Visit the website at www.aalchildcare.com and if ever your in Wisconsin pop in and say hello from us!
Introducing SEND+PLUS: e-asily improve the results from your e-marketing!
Just in case you missed last month’s exciting snippets eBulletin then here is just a gentle reminder that you need to start addressing the new cookie regulations for your website if you haven’t done so already.

We have decided to maintain the special offer on our ‘off the shelf’ solution if you wish to solve the issue easily and cost-effectively.

There is a large fine for non-compliance but it is highly unlikely this will be applied unless you are ignoring the legislation and using sinister cookies. iDM have developed a very easy off the shelf solution that will work with most websites.

We can apply this to your website at a limited offer price of only £125 + VAT**.

Contact us on 01902 406410 for more info or email richard@idmdesign.co.uk.

** This product is normally charged at £225.00 + VAT and is only available until Friday 28th September.
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