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Welcome to the January iDM Design eBulletin...

Hello and Happy New Year from everyone at iDM! Welcome to our first eBulletin of 2013 in which we hope to ignite a spark or two of marketing magic and help you pick up some momentum to carry you into the Spring.

Bounce into Spring with easy e-marketing!
Bounce into Spring with easy e-marketing!

Are you using e-marketing to its full potential? This cost-effective form of direct advertising is the perfect way to instantly spread the word about your product, service or offer to a large number of people. It also has the advantage of guiding potential customers directly to your website where you can encourage that all important sale, phone call or request for information.

With SEND+PLUS from iDM, we've made e-marketing easier, faster and more cost-effective than it's ever been. Use our dedicated online portal to create, manage and deploy your campaigns using pre-designed templates. Simply upload your database and SEND+PLUS does the rest.

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Make an Exhibition of yourself!

iDM's Top Tips on exhibition layout and design

Above all, the design of your stand or area is the most important factor. If the stand looks good then the viewing public will experience your products or services in a meaningful and relevant way. Simple is often best! So, to create a successful exhibition you should consider a number of factors:

A good exhibition design seems obvious and there should always be a reason or story for the placement or grouping of panels and graphics. When you think you have an idea of how to group your information and products you then need to consider the space you have to work with.
Make an Exhibition of yourself!

Where are the best spaces? These will be your main traffic zones and should reinforce your key messages. Are there dark areas or dead zones where people won't go? Do some walls seem better suited than others to the display of certain messages?

What are your lighting sources - natural daylight, spotlights, fluorescent tubes, reflected ambient light? What is the quality of the light? Can you direct it or modify it? Is it adequate or do you need additional lighting?

Where is the entry point? (stairs, busy corridor). People usually (although not always) move in a clockwise direction from the point of entry. You will most likely place your key information near the entrance in an unobstructed location for people to see first as they approach your stand. What is the first wall they see as they enter the stand? This is a feature wall and you want to put your strongest message here. It makes sense to display a sequence of images from left to right.

Think of your audience. Text and images mainly need to be displayed at a consistent and comfortable adult eye level (approximately 150 cm). Always consider the positioning plinths, podiums, products and other items that may cause obstructions.

Equally as important as the information and graphics you display is space - you will have to accommodate visitors to your stand, allowing them to easily flow from an entry point to an exit point.

iDM can handle the design, layout, visualisation and production of any size of exhibition, from a single roller banner to two-storey stands with audio-visual presentations, promotions, literature and full on-site support. Call Richard on 01902 406410 or drop us an email and we'll be more than happy to advise you or send you examples of past successes.
Click here to download a PDF copy of our 2013 exhibition range catalogue
iDM creates smart new website for commercial property specialists
iDM have been working with London-based property specialists Evander Properties for almost two years. After producing many highly-successful marketing campaigns and a full brand refresh, Evander asked iDM to redesign and build their website from the ground up. The new site features a sleek new design and improved navigational features, as well as quick access to full video content. Take a look around the new site here.
iDM creates smart new website for commercial property specialists
  Evander Properties
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