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Welcome to the April eBulletin from iDM Design
Behold the ambling and meandering snippets of useful information that is our monthly eBulletin. Nestled comfortably within your inbox, ready to motivate and hopefully increase your business prospects for the month - and all that's required from you is a fleeting flick of the retinas. So let's get started...
CGI means big savings for Midlands businesses
More and more businesses are moving towards CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) as a more versatile alternative to traditional photography and video - the car industry has been sneakily doing it for many years now. As technology has advanced, the cost of realistic CGI has dropped to within the affordable reach of many small businesses - and has even become more cost-effective than a location shoot or roomset build.

Whether it's a prototype product that you want to feature on your website, or a building that hasn't yet been built, we can work from CAD files, architect's plans or even a sketch on the back of a napkin to create lifelike images to suit your needs and budget.
Our first ever all-CGI product brochure is currently being printed - produced entirely from scratch with over 100 rendered roomsets and product cameos, saving our client tens of thousands of pounds on set builds, photography and retouching.
It’s not only small products that can be created - iDM were recently asked to create an image of a proposed cinema and restaurant complex in Walsall (above) which featured on the front page of the Express and Star newspaper. Click here for a peek at our CGI portfolio.
Click here to take a look at our CGI portfolio
If you think your business could benefit from the versatility of CGI, or for a rough idea of the cost savings compared to traditional photography, call Jay on 01902 406410 or email
iDM’s top tips: Taking your first steps with social media - Integration is key -  a client or customer using Twitter or Pinterest is no different to a customer that’s looking at a billboard or watching a TV advertisement.
The world of social media may seem like a crowded, daunting and hostile place, where everyone pokes each other and tweets their negative and exaggerated opinions onto everything in sight in a crazed whirlwind of adolescent fury...

But it’s not! Businesses large and small are taking full advantage of this cost-effective and highly targeted route to market. Your product or service appears instantly in front of hundreds, or even thousands of your loyal fans and target audience members, just a click (or finger-prod) away from more information or that all-important sale.

So here is iDM’s guide to starting out in social media, and getting the best results for your business...
Make sure you’re using the correct channel. Facebook and Twitter are perfect for quick bite-sized chunks of information.
Pace yourself. Set a quarterly plan that maps out your social media aims and goals for that period.
Keep it real. Take care not to over-exploit social media - people can become over exposed and switch off to your posts.
Lead from the front. Social media presence from the leader of a business shows a down to earth and approachable side.
Keep your message relevant. “Just eaten a really sour apple LOL :)” doesn’t tell your followers anything, and is counter-productive. Don’t be tempted.
Don’t let it distract you. Set aside a small amount of time each day to check up on your comments and requests.
Offer something in return. Your followers have opted to show a public and open interest in your brand and it’s often good to reward them with offers, discounts and competitions.
Keep trying! It may be hard to attract followers initially but as word gets around (which is the whole concept of a social network) the snowball effect will take over!
If you’d like some advice or a chat about anything you’ve seen here or on our website, give Richard a call on 01902 406410 - we’d be more than happy to help!
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