send plus

WEB+PLUS - the maintenance package that’s designed around your website.

Never before has it been this easy to create, send, manage and analyse email maketing campaigns. SEND+PLUS from iDM Design is a new concept offering as much or as little control over your campaigns and individual eshots as you like.

Do it yourself or leave it to us

SEND+PLUS is all about versatility. We can provide you with a series of stylish and professional branded templates allowing you to easily build and modify your own eshots using the unique user friendly SEND+PLUS interface. Login to SEND+PLUS at any time to add stories, articles, links, images and more using the revolutionary SEND+PLUS drag-and-drop interface.

And when you’re done, you can view an online preview, send test campaigns and further modify your eshot accordingly. All that’s left to do is select your database (loaded in from a Microsoft Excel CSV file) and click send!

We also know that you’re very busy indeed - and you may not have the time to be dragging and dropping. That’s fine, we’ll do it for you. Just send us your articles and offers and we’ll put the entire eshot together for you - all you have to do is give the nod when the test eshot arrives in your inbox and your campaign is off on its way. And because your templates are pre-set, the costs for each campaign are kept to an absolute minimum.

Real time reports

sounds right for you?

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