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WEB+PLUS - the maintenance package that’s designed around your website.

We offer two simple ways to pay for your email campaigns. You can switch between the two at anytime. The prices below are purely sending costs and do not include any creative or design costs for the creation of templates or individual campaigns. These will be quoted and charged separately.

Pay Monthly

This option is perfect for any client who sends at least one campaign per month.
Your monthly bill is calculated automatically based on the number of recipients in your subscriber list. The monthly fee adjusts automatically as your list grows and shrinks.

Subscribers 0-500 501-2,500 2,501-5,000 5,001-10,000 10,001-15,000 15,001-25,000 25,001-50,000
Basic Plan
Monthly Cost
£10 £30 £50 £90 £130 £200 £300
Send limit 2500 emails 12,500 emails 25,000 emails 50,00 emails 75,000 emails 125,000 emails 250,000 emails
Unlimited plan
Monthly cost
£30 £60 £100 £150 £250 £400 £700
Send limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Delivery Fee
Per campaign
£15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15

Prices are based on:

Pay Per Campaign

This option is great if you only send emails or eshots occasionally. You’ll only pay when you send an email campaign to more than 5 people.

Delivery fee
per campaign
Cost per
£10 9p

If you wish to use either of these billing options but do not want to administer the campaign process yourself then iDM can handle the whole process for an additional administration fee of £60 per campaign. This includes uploading and managing the subscriber list, testing the eShot or eNewsletter and producing 2 sets of reports when requested.

No matter how you pay, with SEND+PLUS from iDM DESIGN there are no contracts, setup fees or lock-ins - you can cancel at any time.

sounds right for you?

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