Small changes can make a bid difference! - our top ten marketing tips

10 helpful tips to help you to review your marketing strategy

The world of social media may seem like a crowded, daunting and hostile place, where everyone pokes
each other and tweets their negative and exaggerated opinions onto everything in sight in a crazed
whirlwind of adolescent fury...

But it’s not! Businesses large and small taking full advantage of this cost-effective and highly targeted route
to market. Your product or service appears instantly in front of hundreds, or even thousands of your loyal
fans and target audience members, just a click (or finger-prod) away from more information or that
all-important sale.

So here is iDM Design's guide to starting out in social media, and getting the best results for your business...

  • Make sure you’re using the correct channel. Facebook and Twitter are perfect for quick bite-sized chunks of information.
  • Pace yourself. Set a quarterly plan that maps out your social media aims and goals for that period.
  • Keep it real. Take care not to over-exploit social media - people can become over exposed and switch off to your posts.
  • Lead from the front. Social media presence from the leader of a business shows a down to earth and approachable side.
  • Keep your message relevant. “Just eaten a really sour apple LOL :)” doesn’t tell your followers anything, and is counter-productive. Don’t be tempted.
  • Integration is key -  a client or customer using Twitter or Pinterest is no different to a customer that’s looking at a billboard or watching a TV advertisement.
  • Don’t let it distract you. Set aside a small amount of time each day to check up on your comments and requests.
  • Offer something in return. Your followers have opted to show a public and open interest in your brand and it’s often good to reward them with offers, discounts and competitions.
  • Keep trying! It may be hard to attract followers initially but as word gets around (which is the whole concept of a social network) the snowball effect will take over!

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