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WEB+PLUS is all about flexibility.

We understand that sometimes big changes are required within your business as the road to success can have unexpected twists and turns. If your website needs some more major updates then because you have the WEB+PLUS maintenance package these additional costs can be kept to a minimum.

We will be happy to cover some of the costs of a major update within your contract, and then quote and agree costs for the additional features and work required to bring your website in-line with where it needs to be. So, with some of the potential changes already covered within your maintenance package (for example a graphic refresh), the final website update costs can be kept to a minimum.

If you would like to discuss either of the WEB+PLUS packages further or would like a quote then please contact Richard Astbury on
01902 406410 or email

To see how WEB+PLUS could benefit your business call Richard on 01902 406410 or fill in the form opposite.

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